I was sceptical at first but was pleasantly surprised at just how they do the job they are supposed to. Having had 2 children, I couldn't have discovered them at a better time.

Erinne, mum

I own a beauty clinic and have been looking at different breast enhancement products in the market for my clients who wanted a little help but were not interested in surgery and these lifts really fit the bill. After trialing the lifts I ordered them straight away- they are simple and affordable but most importantly they work!

Sally, beauty specialist

I heard about Eve's Apple Breast Lifts from one of my staff who showed me the instructional video, I couldn't believe my eyes! I had to have them! I wish I had come across them sooner, they are so simple and they work.

Amanda, hairdresser

Sometimes being well endowed is just impractical; it's been difficult to find bras that provide good support. At the end of a long day, bra straps can really cut in. I'm so happy to have found these instant breast lifts; they give me that added support I need. These are now a necessity in my wardrobe.

Kara, executive assistant

I manage a bar and I'm always surrounded by women who look fantastic for their night out. However, because I am working comfort is important to me. These lifts not only provide a natural-looking lift for my breasts, they are also comfortable and make me feel more confident in my appearance. They are just fantastic.

Jenny, bar manager