Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will Eve's Apple Instant Breast Lifts stay on?

Until removed.

Q: Do they irritate the skin?

No, they are made of hypoallergenic medical grade material. However, avoid using the lifts on sun burnt skin and for extra sensitive skin, we recommend trialing the product and discontinue use if redness occurs.

Q: Can you get them wet?

Yes, they are water resistant and will stay on while swimming or taking a shower and even if you perspire.

Q: How often can you wear them?

Every day. The Lifts are designed for one-time use only. We recommend changing the lifts each day to get the best results.

Q: Do the lifts show on the skin?

They are transparent and virtually invisible. They are hard to detect unless you are really looking for them.

Q: Is there any associated pain?

No, these non-surgical Eve's Apple Instant Breast Lifts are completely painless.

Q: If my breast size is larger than a D Cup are the breast lifts going to work for me?

The Eve's Apple Instant Breast Lifts will lift and realign the nipple to a higher position even if you are larger than a D Cup. However, if larger than a D Cup they must be worn with a bra for added support. Wearing the lifts under the bra will reduce bra straps from indenting into the shoulders and will help reduce the bra strap from riding up at the back. Eve's Apple Instant Breast Lifts allow you to wear prettier, less supportive bras and will keep the nipple from pointing downward. The breast lifts will lift and support "without a bra" for women with an A Cup up to a D Cup.

Q: Can anyone use this product?

We don't recommend them for nursing mothers.

Q: Can lotions or makeup be applied under or over the Eve's Apple Instant Breast Lifts?

Do not apply lotion or make-up under or over the lifts. The lifts are placed where you would not normally wear makeup.

Q: What should I do if the lifts are showing?

If the lifts show above clothing, peel up part that shows and carefully trim the exposed edge.

Q: Is it normal for the lifts to crease slightly after I put them on?

The lifts can move with your skin so they can crease slightly however this doesn't impede on their effectiveness.

"The breast lifts will lift
and support "without a bra" for women with an A Cup
up to a D Cup"